Saturday, January 29, 2011

New York Bed Bugs

Why does the new york bed bugs have more staying power than most
I would venture to say the New York is one of the first places in the United States to get bed bugs in today’s  time would be correct. Now another question to ask is why New York bed bugs will not die and the answer is that are slowly building up a resistance to chemicals. According to a rep[ort from the entomologist at Ohio State University that bed bugs could have boosted their natural defenses creating higher levels of enzymes that can help  cleanse them of their poisons.

New York City Bed bugs have 250 times more resistance now to standard pesticides according to the same report. These bed bugs travel around, actually if you get bed bug bite you could be looking at a bite from a Paris bedbug. So now that we do know that bed bugs like to travel and will get a ride on anyone’s luggage then that tell us we need to really be alert when we are moving from place to place in our travels..
What to look for here are a few pictures of bed bugs and bed bug bites you might want to just imprint in your mind.

Remember a little inspection of your room and mattress when you go to a new city or even an old city can go a long way in keeping them away from you and your home.
New York City bed bugs can become Los Angles bed bugs if you are not careful.

Do your self a favor when checking into a motel, hotel any rental accommodations. Ask the clerk and I would even ask the room attendants (bell boy, maid) if they have ever had a problem with bedbugs. You just might save your self a real nightmare later down the road.
Good luck when you go to New York city. Don't let the New York bed bugs bite.


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I agree, these pests have a tendency to become resistant to various chemicals used to control them, which makes pest control harder and harder.

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LoganDylan said...

Bed bugs are one of the most irritating creatures on the planet. They are little insects that suck human blood for their survival. Though the commonly accepted is that they are too tiny to be seen, it's not entirely true. These insects often come to life in our homes at night, therefore making it all the more difficult for us to spot a bed bug infestation.bed bugs los angeles

aldrin james said...

I have friends who live in New York and they are all telling me that they have the same problem, it is getting rid of bed bugs. It is really a big problem that is hard to solve.

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Karen said...

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BED BUGS are on the rise in California! Bed Bugs have become a true national pest. Joining the ranks of rodents, roaches, and ants, bed bugs are quickly becoming a household pest. Their 1/4 inch sized bodies, along with an insects natural thigmatropic biology, make them an extremely elusive pest. They are rarely seen during the day and will scurry for cover if you turn on the lights at night. They hide in the folds of your mattresses, your headboards, lamps, night stands, bed frames, electrical outlets, appliances, carpeting, blinds, drapes, chairs, sofas and baseboards. Bed bugs are resilient parasites that hide anywhere they can fit and they will emerge from hiding when they detect a host.

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Bed glitches are effective anytime. They desire people, but will invade animals and wildlife. Bed glitches can lay 1-5 egg per day and 200-500 in their life-time.They live for times that differ commonly, based mainly on heat range, moisture and option a blood food. They are even able of going into a semi- inactive state until the right circumstances happen. A bed bug’s life can range from many months to almost 18 months. This can have serious impact on treatments, as most of the present substances do not bring a long extra impact.
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The bed bug is a compressed, wingless, crimson darkish pest with striking mouth parts, used to draw the blood from people and other warm-blooded creatures.

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tesanj said...

Changlu Wang: a fabric-lined, upside-down pet dish with a cooler of dry ice on top (system to get rid of bed bugs). The dry ice releases CO2, which attracts the insects, who climb the fabrics to get at what they think is a live human, and become trapped in the grooves surrounding the inverted bowls. (It helps if you put talcum powder in the grooves.
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs using dry ice.

David Price said...

Folks this article paints a very accurate picture of the reality of bed bugs, and wait for it.I hope you can all avoid them because they have an enormous psychological effect and take over your life.

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Fumigators For Bed Bugs - Bed bug is not known for transmitting diseases. However, they can cause some major health issues in human beings. It causes mental and physical trauma. Many people experience severe allergies due to bed bug bites. Though public health professionals could control bed bug population considerably during mid 20th century, now its population is increasing rapidly. A comprehensive research is needed for finding the reason behind the rapid growth of bed bug population

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