Saturday, February 6, 2010

Experts and Bedbugs

Experts in health all over the world state that bedbugs do not disperse any kind of disease or plague. Bedbugs do deposit some spit under the skin of whatever they bite, but they don't carry or spread diseases, or other harmful ailments.

  • Bedbugs are not like other kinds of biting bugs such as mosquitoes, which can spread diseases like malaria and dengue.

  • Bedbugs bites are somewhat painful and very itchy after they bite you. In some instances, bedbug marks might resemble the bites of other kinds of bugs.

  • Bedbugs are not considered to be severe health risks. But the skin pain and itchiness that you will experience from bedbug bites will cause you to want an extermination of bedbugs from your house.

Your skin might become marred or be covered in itchy bites if the bedbugs aren't removed. In fact, certain people are allergic to bedbug bites. Such conditions could possibly result in severe skin ailments.

Preparing to Fight

If your intention is to exterminate bedbugs from your house, you need to plan a course of action that has been tested and proven.

Prior to calling your neighborhood exterminator, you should know that you will probably have to get rid of certain belongings or items that are in the infected room, and have served as a breeding area for the bedbugs.

In the majority of cases, beds infested with bedbugs cannot be recovered. The reason for this is that the bedbugs are so small that they can hide in even the smallest of holes. Methods that utilize pesticides are not always going to remove all of the bedbugs.

Your Belongings

Getting rid of your belongings is not the only task you will be required to do. The extermination of bedbugs from your house does not necessarily exempt you from keeping your neighbors and other acquaintances safe from an infestation of bedbugs.

Getting rid of your belongings that contain bedbugs will require additional thought. You might even have to burn some items. Or, you might need to place a particular item into a bag to avoid the spread of bedbugs to additional items or places.

Grown bedbugs can live for up to 12 months without food, so if an item that contains bedbugs is not burned, it is suggested that it be kept away from any item, person, or animal that could be infested.

After all belongings that have been exposed to bedbugs have been removed, you will need to completely clean the area in order to eliminate any eggs that could have been laid by grown bedbugs.

Avoiding an infestation is better than treating one.

It's common knowledge that avoiding bedbugs is better than getting rid of them. Keeping your house clean is a good method of avoiding a bedbug infestation.

If you go out of town a lot, you need to ensure that the rooms in which you stay do not have bedbugs. If one does, you will most likely be bringing them back home with you in your suitcase or on your clothes.

It is also suggested that you have your house inspected for bedbugs by a professional exterminator on a regular basis. These experts are very knowledgeable in bedbug problems, so you will need to contact them immediately if you want to know whether or not your house is infested with bedbugs, or how to get rid of them quickly if it already is.

Will Moving Help?

You can't just move to another house if your current living area has bedbugs. Since you'll probably be bringing many of your belongings to your new house, you will end up bringing the bedbugs with you too.

In conclusion, the best treatment for a bedbug problem starts with you. Cleanliness and knowledge about bedbugs are of significant importance. Continue learning about bedbugs and consult an expert for assistance if you think you might have bedbugs in your home. knowing the facts about how to get rid of bedbugs is a good start.


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Brijesh said...

I've been bitten by a bed bug and it's so itchy. I can't stop scratching it. I had quite a few wounds from that. It was horrible.

As a precautionary measure before, I vacuumed my bed even the nooks and cranies of my bed post. Then I sprayed insecticide on the room. Thankfully, I don't suffer the bites anymore.

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