Saturday, July 11, 2009

How To Get Rid Bedbugs With No Chemicals

How to get rid of bedbugs with no chemicals is still in the testing stage, but the University of Florida seems to be on the right track. You know the bedbug problem has gotten out of hand when a university steps in and starts testing ideas. The only thing that I can see that may be a problem is even though the University of Florida has found some good positive answers about getting rid of bedbugs in furniture. My question would be what about the bedbugs in the rest of the house, like under the baseboards.
Be sure and watch the video, it is interesting.

Hotels and dormitories having trouble with bed bugs may just have to turn up the heat. University of Florida researchers have found a way to kill bed bugs that doesn’t involve any pesticides; it just works like a convection oven.

Robert Pereira/UF Researcher: “Basically, we put all the furniture of the room at the center of the room, we create an oven around it by using insulation boards, and then, inside the box, we put two heaters and fans so that the air is heated and it’s circulated within the box.”

The Environmental Protection Agency prohibits the use of many pesticides that could kill these blood-sucking insects.

Robert Pereira/UF Researcher: “It’s a very simple system to control bed bugs. It doesn’t require any use of pesticides, and the equipment that is being used is fairly cheap.”

And researchers say the system’s already sparked interest among pest control operators.
University of Florida News - Bed Bugs
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