Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where do bed bugs come from and finding out that you have bed bugs is very disturbing. Most people will think that they just have too many mosquitoes or fleas around, but the fact is that there may be bed bugs lurking about. To handle this problem properly you need to know just how many you have.

Unfortunately, there is no certain way to know that. If you can figure out when you first got the infestation then you are on your way in determining how large your infestation is and where bed bugs come from.
We talked about how the bed bugs have gotten into your home. They probably have come in through you or someone else bringing them in while they were traveling. But, you should also remember that no matter where you may have gone, as long as you go to a location that is infested, you can bring them in to your home.
This means that you can just head to a neighbor’s home that is infested and they
may come home with you. This is especially true if the bed bug infestation is very
large. It is much more common that they will be hanging out in clothing that is
packed in luggage, .

Where do bed bugs come from?
While bed bugs can be located in virtually any area of your home, they are most
commonly found close to their host. And of course who is the host; you guessed it, you or your family.
While they can be in any area of the home, it is most common to find them in the
bedroom area and likely on or in the bed itself.
But, if you have a bed bug infestation in your bed, you will want to check out the rest of
the home as well to prevent further problems from occurring. Look in areas such
as your living room, your carpeted areas, your other beds and bedroom furniture.
Make sure to look in areas that are dark, cracks that are evident and in small
crevices that exist. You are not likely to find them outdoors, but they can be
hiding in your pet’s bedding as well. So finding out you have bed bugs is very disturbing and the kind of thing you don’t want to happen. It is important to know where do bed bugs come from so there is not a repeat infestation of bed bugs.

Of course just to know where bed bugs do come from is not enough, you need to know how to get rid of bed bugs

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