Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs 2

It seems like the bedbug problem is just getting worse by the moment. Just recently on the news an family moved into a new apartment and the first thing they encountered was a bedbug infestation.

I noticed the news pictures and the home seemed to be very cluttered, I know one thing if you have a lot of clothes and different stuff laying around, it will be even harder to get rid of the bed bugs. Ask Orkin, Terminex or any of the other larger pest control company's, I almost guarentee you they will all tell you that you need to get everything up and off the floor,bedding. Remember in the first article, I mentioned that how clean you were wasn't a sign of why you have bedbugs.

The one thing that you must know is that to treat for them it is necessary to make sure everything is picked up off the floor and bedding, I also mentioned that one of the ways on how to get rid of bedbugs is to be proactive. But if you are getting more than one or two bites then I would think the next step is to call Orkin,Terminex or Truly Nolen, these guys are the big boys of pest control.

There are some very good professional small individual companies around, just make a few phone calls and get some opinions.

In your quest of how to get rid of bedbugs,you can make the effort to get to do it yourself, The best way is call some of the companies in your area, and get advise, and see what they have to offer.

Bedbug Prevention

The following steps should be followed to reduce bedbug infestations in the home.

1. Reduce clutter around the home
2. Seal cracks and crevices
3. Check all second hand beds, bedding and furniture
4. Examine the bed and headboard area for signs of bedbugs when traveling
5. Keep luggage off the floor
6. Wash, dry or freeze an clothing bought at a garage sale or second hand stores right away.
By far the best method of getting rid of bedbugs is insecticide

When I mentioned the family who had moved into a real infestation, chances are if they had just done some inspection they might of spotted the critters and life would be a lot easier.
Good luck on your quest of how to get rid of bedbugs.

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