Saturday, January 29, 2011

New York Bed Bugs

Why does the new york bed bugs have more staying power than most
I would venture to say the New York is one of the first places in the United States to get bed bugs in today’s  time would be correct. Now another question to ask is why New York bed bugs will not die and the answer is that are slowly building up a resistance to chemicals. According to a rep[ort from the entomologist at Ohio State University that bed bugs could have boosted their natural defenses creating higher levels of enzymes that can help  cleanse them of their poisons.

New York City Bed bugs have 250 times more resistance now to standard pesticides according to the same report. These bed bugs travel around, actually if you get bed bug bite you could be looking at a bite from a Paris bedbug. So now that we do know that bed bugs like to travel and will get a ride on anyone’s luggage then that tell us we need to really be alert when we are moving from place to place in our travels..
What to look for here are a few pictures of bed bugs and bed bug bites you might want to just imprint in your mind.

Remember a little inspection of your room and mattress when you go to a new city or even an old city can go a long way in keeping them away from you and your home.
New York City bed bugs can become Los Angles bed bugs if you are not careful.

Do your self a favor when checking into a motel, hotel any rental accommodations. Ask the clerk and I would even ask the room attendants (bell boy, maid) if they have ever had a problem with bedbugs. You just might save your self a real nightmare later down the road.
Good luck when you go to New York city. Don't let the New York bed bugs bite.